Change of Operator for the Liberty SIPP

Transfer of client terms and conditions to EBS Pensions Ltd.

Transfer of contract by novation

EBS Pensions Limited (‘EBS’) will take over the running of the Liberty SIPP from 10 November 2018. 
Please complete this form to confirm your acceptance of the transfer of contract to EBS.

Client Q&A, to address your queries

Q1. Will anything change with my policy?

No. Your policy will continue to operate under the current terms and conditions, however your client agreement will transfer across to EBS Pensions Limited as per the novation letter.

Q2. Will my fees increase, because of these changes?

No. There will be no change to the fees you pay.

Q3. How will the service I receive change?

The service you receive will remain unchanged. Over time we expect you will see improvements as we tap into the wider resources of the Embark Group.

Q4. Who will be my main point of contact?

Your primary point of contact will remain unchanged. Please contact your financial adviser or usual representative from Liberty SIPP if you have any queries.